Wedgies launches new update

ii_1424cc1e62aa2dceSince its inception, simple survey platform and VegasTechFund darling Wedgies continues to be the fastest way to create an online poll and embed it anywhere. It takes most users 30 seconds or less to get a two-question poll up and running.

Today, they launch Wedgies Version SFW, the ability to add any image to your online poll, thus making wedgies everywhere safe for work.

Wedgies will follow suit in the trend of square shaped photos, and, at launch, will crop all images to fit a square dimension. It especially offers a more visual opportunity via Twitter, where images will appear inline–including animated GIFs.

The very first photo wedgies have already been shared by USA Today and TNW the morning of the launch. This represents their continued commitment to engaging readers and remaining socially savvy.

They would absolutely love it if VegasTech would:
1. Try out the new feature (if you want customization options just let me know and I can make it happen); and/or
2. Include a Wedgie in your next post

To check out the full release about Wedgies SFW, click here.

Wedgies is one of Zappos CEO Tony Hseih’s VegasTechFund investments. Co-founded by Porter Haney (@porterhaney) and Jimmy Jacobson (@jimmyjacobson) Wedgies is a proud member of the #vegastech community and an active supporter of the Downtown Project – an initiative to make Las Vegas the most community-focused large city in the world.

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