#VegasTech is at SXSW


#VegasTech is at SXSW in a big, big way

In case you haven’t heard, South by Southwest is insane. Like, mind-blowing, body-blasting, mad chaos insane. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people descend upon Austin, TX to network, learn, gain visibility for their companies, be inspired, watch films, listen to live music, and generally party their faces off.

Sleep, of course, is optional.

So for a community harking from the Entertainment Capital of the World, it’s a no-brainer: SXSW is a must-do. But as in everything else, it’s not about what you do, but how you do it. Typically, young professionals artists, musicians, and anyone who likes a good time would make their way down to Austin and represent their individual entries, whether it be a tech company, studio, events agency, or band.

We’re doing things a bit different.

Rather than dilute resources and attend SXSW as individuals and companies — because what startup has boatloads of money to burn on a trade show stand or sponsored party? — the Vegas tech community has bonded together is going to South by Southwest as, well, #VegasTech.

Switch, who offered to be the headlining sponsor back in July of 2012, is joined by multiple community sponsors including Downtown Project, TBAN, UNLV, and Fuller Street Productions, who is contributing the entire trade show display and producing the party. Of course they wont be alone, accompanied by #VegasTech startups Alice Receptionist, Used Gear Sale, Tracky, Tabeso, LaunchKey, RollTech and DocBeat. Mix in Las Vegas based, Tech Cocktail and this has the makings of an incredible, all hands on deck community effort.

It’s the kind of thing that only a tight-knit, creative, and truly collaborative community could pull off — but that’s who we are, and how we’re doing it.

So, come see what the first ever community representation at SXSW looks like, what we have to say, and how we show our pride.

The Trade Show

Eight startups from Las Vegas will showcase their products and services in an 800 square foot stand, self-designed and executed. Interview booth hosted by media partner Tech Cocktail.

The #VegasTech Lounge

Old school Vegas is back. Register today for the swanky cocktail hour networking party on Sunday, March 11th.

The #VegasTech Party

It wouldn’t be a South by without a big rager to close out the festival. Register today for the blowout bash on Monday night. Over 3,000 attendees are expected throughout the evening; you should probably be one of them.

From Left to Right: …nevermind

-Guest Post by Ana Yoerg

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