Vegas Jelly turns 1!

Amazing. That’s the only word I can think of to explain what’s gone on over the past year here in Las Vegas.

While there have been a lot of great things happening in the Vegas tech scene, I think we can all point to one specific event that has really kicked this incredible movement in to high gear; Vegas Jelly.

For the uninitiated, Vegas Jelly stared out as a bi-weekly event where developers would get together at The Beat Coffeehouse downtown and spend an evening setting aside their regular work and responsibilities and would instead work on a project they are passionate about. It has morphed in to a weekly event with breakout sessions, networking and still a bit of the coworking that kicked it all off.

This Thursday marks the one year anniversary of Las Vegas Jelly. In honor of this exciting milestone, I wanted to ask the Vegas tech community to share a little bit about what the Vegas Jelly means to you, what it’s done for you personally/professionally, and why you think the Jelly has become one of the cornerstones of our community.

For me, Jelly was a huge breath of fresh air. I had been working from home for about 2 years and was really missing the camaraderie of working with a team. When I started attending Jelly, I was motivated by the excitement the group had over the projects they were working on. It was infectious. It gave me renewed energy towards the projects I was working on and made me want to DO more, to learn more. I’m also thankful to the Jelly for the friends I’ve made this past year.

So that’s my story. Leave a comment below and let us know how Jelly has rocked your world.

Happy Anniversary, Jelly!

9 responses to “Vegas Jelly turns 1!

    1. Being involved with usergroups for many years here in Las Vegas, it has been great to see a larger part of the tech community step out of the shadows and put on so many great tech events over the last year. And the way the momentum is going, it looks like year two might even be better! go #vegastech

  1. I think the genius of the Jelly is that it could be anything you want it to be: a place to hack with others, a place to trade tips, and/or a place to learn. When the community was smaller, specialized events had a tough time because there weren’t that many members. But Jelly was (and is) open to iOS developers, Java developers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers, filmmakers, WordPress developers, etc, etc, etc. So by being more inclusive, it could grow more quickly. But then it helped feed the more specialized groups. It was also open to whatever people needed/wanted it to be. When people asked about presentations, they were added (even though they’re not part of the official “Jelly” format). And finally, it includes a VegasTech theme: beer.

  2. Damn it, John… I read this:

    I think we can all point to one specific event that has really kicked this incredible movement in to high gear; Vegas Jelly.

    I thought that you were going to mention my arrival here. Tease me…

    Congrats on one year. Can’t wait for #2!

  3. As an Entrepreneur, but newbie to this tech industry, the Vegas Jelly was our first place to network, we have since met some great people, given great advice, and feel we have a great support from our local community, heck we even met Tony Hseih, or should I say, he met us 🙂 We look forward to building many more fruitful relationships, see you Thursdays!

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