The Downtown Ticker… and why you need to sign up today

With so many events and happenings in downtown Las Vegas, it can be hard to keep up.

Downtown Ticker

To save us all from missing a beat, Kim Schaefer and the Downtown Project bring us the Downtown Ticker.

The Ticker is a daily weekday email digest of Downtown events,” said Kim Schaefer.  “It usually is comprised of five or less posts about events happening in the next day or two.

Short on time? The Downtown Ticker is for you!

It should take the reader only about 60 seconds to read,” Kim Schaefer says. “Each weekday morning you’ll awake to the latest from Downtown in quick-to-read format.

When asked how the idea for the Downtown Ticker came about, Kim Schaefer said the idea was inspired by Launch’s Ticker emails. The team at Launch has researchers scouring the web for tech news and writing concise, fact-packed summaries, so reader can save hours a day.

We thought it would be a great addition to Downtown communications,” she said.

Get signed up today! To sign up, simply visit and add your email address. You’ll begin receiving daily weekday emails to help you stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in downtown Las Vegas.

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