Rick Duggan’s latest “Suggested Reading” assignments

Want A Great Team? Focus on Talent, Not Hiring: The author makes the point that companies should care more about finding talent than just hiring employees. He gives readers 3 questions to consider:

1. Would we be willing to do a startup with you?
2. Can you “knock the socks off” of the company in 90 days?
3. In four to six years, will you be doing something amazing?



How to Say No (Without Being An Asshole): This article gives specific tips on how to avoid getting into commitments and situations that don’t serve you well. Some of those tips include:

1. Understand your situation to avoid feeling guilty when you say No.
2. Don’t make detailed excuses.
3. Don’t become a No addict.



How to Get Out of a Work Backlog: This great article gives very specific tips on how to get out of the sea of tasks that can build up when you’re working on Goals and Projects.

Stop working on projects that you shouldn’t be working on.
Unplug the distractions around you (cell phone, email, etc…) so you can focus.
Do tasks immediately if they can be done in 2 minutes or less.
Know when to say no (see how important this point is!)
Schedule time blocks to get things done.
Re-Focus and prioritize tasks that are unfinished.



Shipping $36,000 worth of Japanese Candy: This article follows the idea a man had to start a business selling Japanese candy to subsribers all over the world. The article shows how he came up with the business, got subsribers, handled money, handled shipping more efficiently and ultimately is now looking for more subscribers. This is an interesting read for anyone looking to start a service based on subscriptions.



VC Investing Soars 22% in 2011, Internet Sector Reaches Highest Levels in A Decade: This post lays out the facts…strickly the numbers on how much was invested over the last decade. Readers will either see this as awesome news for Startups…or signs that a giant Bubble is about to burst.



The Startup Management Team Stages: Here, John Hawkins summarizes 3 articles by Fred Wilson (a big-time VC in NYC) on the various stages of Management Teams (and links to each article if you’d like to read it in full).



7 Ways to Avoid a Poor First Impression in Business: Here’s some great tips on how to make a great first impression (at least in the business world).

Dress Appropriately
Research the person online before meeting them
Google the organization and the role they represent
Find a common business link
Know a lot, but don’t flaunt it
Be prepared to concisely state your key objective
Be positive, courteous, on time, and attentive


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