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I sat down last week with the guys from LifeLog…one of the more impressive apps I’ve seen in awhile. LifeLog solves a simple problem: Our digital lives are scattered all over the place. From Facebook and Twitter, to our Notes and Calendars. So they’ve set out to solve this and have come up with a pretty great app that is in Alpha development right now. They are currently on KickStarter (for another 48 hours) and will be releasing their Beta in the next couple of weeks. Their Public launch will be sometime in the fall.


I asked Sam Glaser, their CMO, about the why’s of LifeLog. He told me that “Social media is great for *social* but misses the mark for personal memories. Private networks have gone too far the other way and have limited functionality. LifeLog is one place to interface and store social and personal history.” He compares LifeLog to a “Swiss Bank” of the digital landscape. “Nowhere in the digital universe does one service bridge the divide between personal, social, curation, and generation. LifeLog is the ultimate Swiss Bank of the digital landscape – trusted, neutral, customer-focused.”

I personally can’t wait for the app to launch, because if they can pull off what they’re shooting for…it will be one very useful app!

The LifeLog Team:

•Jordan Kelley, Founder/CEO. Babson College ’09. Co-Founder of jobbi – used by Microsoft, Best Buy, Sony, CIA, US Government.
•Yah, CTO. A programming legend. Programs twice as many languages as letters in his name.
•Sam Glaser, CMO. UC Berkeley Haas ’06. Ogilvy, Nike, Las Vegas Weekly, Living Social, Solis, Marquee.
•Nick Widmont, Design, UX. AirRun, Inc.,, Syrious Games.


I think these guys will make an excellent name for themselves and the #VegasTech community at large. Good luck guys!

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