ROCeteer Offers Mentoring to Innevators

The Innevation Center has teamed up with ROCeteer to provide their co-working members with mentoring sessions each week. “ROCeteer experts combine coaching, training, mentoring, and consulting to help entrepreneurs with strategy, technology, finance, culture, marketing, and wellness,” The Innevation Center team wrote on their blog. “Beginning November 14, 2014 and continuing every Friday, two of these awesome … Continued

THE UT.LAB Partners with Teach for America to Launch LABWORKS, Powered by Indiegogo

TeachForAmerica Shoe by Cristian Lopez

Unbelievable Testing Laboratory creates technology driven footwear that pushes the boundaries of style and function by bringing together seemingly unrelated combinations of technology, innovation and ingenuity. The Las Vegas and Shanghai based Unbelievable Testing Laboratory made a splash in August 2013 when the team lead the most successful footwear Kickstarter to date, raising 947% of its funding goal. … Continued

Raster Media Hiring Front-End Web Developer

Raster Media, a longtime #VegasTech community member and located in the Art District in downtown Las Vegas, is hiring a front-end web developer. “Raster Media is a mobile and IoT design and development firm focused on delivering breakthrough experiences,” said CEO Michael J. Smith. “Raster Media is 11 years old. It is one of the more … Continued

Tealet Takes Home Awards at the North American Tea Conference Gold Cup

Tealet, an online farmers market for tea, is focused on building a global supply chain network within the tea industry. The team says they look forward to applying this model towards other agricultural commodities such as cacao, spices, and honey. Recently, the Tealet team submitted teas on behalf of grower partners from India, Japan, and the … Continued

Shutterfly Deploys 1,000 Cabinets at SUPERNAP Ecosystem

Switch SUPERNAP, the world leader in data center ecosystem design, development and mission critical operations, announced it has executed a seven-year contract with Shutterfly, Inc. to provide colocation and connectivity services. Shutterfly, Inc. is the leading manufacturer and digital retailer of high-quality personalized products and services offered through a family of lifestyle brands. “At Shutterfly, … Continued

Rolltech Wins Conference Pitch Competition

The On Deck Sports and Technology Conference is an annual event series designed to shine a spotlight on new and emerging technology that is transforming the ways that we follow, enjoy, analyze and understand sports. The 2014 On Deck Conference aimed to identify the key trends and technologies — emerging from both industry incumbents as well as … Continued

e-Bay Acquires Las Vegas Startup Rumgr

“Las Vegas and #VegasTech is abuzz with the news that Dylan Bathurst and Alex Coleman have sold the software behind their VegasTechFund startup, Rumgr, to auction and retail giant e-Bay,” wrote Ann Diab in this Tech Cocktail post. “Together with e-Bay, they will launch a new product called Close5, which is currently available in the App … Continued

Leetcoin launches Bitcoin support for League of Legends

Leetcoin – the first service that allows gamers to compete for each other’s bitcoin – is proud to announce support for League of Legends, the world’s most popular video game with 67 million monthly users. The Leetcoin team was part of Progression Labs, a 3-month residential immersion program for startups in Downtown Vegas. “Our team is paving the way for … Continued

New restaurant tech lets servers order, swipe, print from iPod

Startup company Zuldi is taking the touchscreen technology that’s become common in restaurants and bars to the next level. The #VegasTech-based company was recently featured on Zuldi lets a server do all of their work on an iPod right from the table. They can send the customer’s order to the kitchen, accept their payment, … Continued