The Downtown Project App is Live

Today, Downtown Project launched their new community app, which is available in the Apple App store. Download the free DTP App to keep up with many of the latest happenings in Downtown Las Vegas. “One of the biggest challenges with the growing energy in Downtown is keeping up with all of the great events that … Continued

SmashMetrics acquired by RevUnit

It’s been a wild ride and an amazing 90 days for the Las Vegas-based team at SmashMetrics. SmashMetrics is a digital marketing firm helping businesses sell more products and services online. In a big announcement in January 2014, SmashMetrics became RevUnit in an acquisition. “We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Smash Metrics from Las Vegas, … Continued

50 Partners Visits the Vegas Tech Community

Virginie Augagneur, part of 50 Partners, will be visiting Las Vegas with 15 partners of the group. “50 Partners is a select group of expert entrepreneurs who are on a mission to accelerate innovative young startups. We offer office space, fundraising assistance, ongoing mentorship, and industry perks to each startup in our program,” Virginie Augagneur … Continued

Test Your Ideas at The Mill

The Mill is a place to test your ideas in downtown Las Vegas. As their website reads, we were an economy of factories. Now, we’re an economy of ideas. The Mill was the center of economic development. It was a place that transformed cotton into cloth, grain to flour, ore to steel.  The mill changed … Continued

OrderWithMe Opens a Classroom Space in downtown Las Vegas

Danielle Jenkins, OrderWithMe co-founder and VP of culture & community, shares the latest news from OrderWithMe — a classroom space in downtown Las Vegas! “OrderWithMe’s main goal is to help Small Businesses by simplifying their inventory buying processes,” Danielle Jenkins said. “At OrderWithMe SMB’s can manage all of their orders from all of their vendors, … Continued

Downtown Podcast Features

On March 27, 2014, curator Jacqueline Jensen appeared on Downtown Podcast to share what’s new at the relaunched Jacqueline Jensen shouts out the team members behind the new site, including Jimmy Jacobson from Wedgies, Chad Ramos from Tabeso, John Hawkins from 9Seeds, and the teams at Switch and Work In Progress. Their work on … Continued

Meet 9Seeds: Custom WordPress Development

9Seeds is the design force behind the February 2014 re-launch of  John Hawkins, owner of 9Seeds, is well-known in the Las Vegas tech community and was pivotal in making a great community resource. “Our tagline is ‘Custom WordPress Development.’ At our core, we are a group of people (8 of us) who are … Continued

News from The Innevation Center (March 17th)

The Innevation Center just launched a new blog! Below is top news that happened during the week of March 17, 2014. #1 – March Meetup Madness Did you know The Innevation Center  hosts 10 Meetup groups each month? If you are interested in joining in on the fun, you can contact them directly or stop by … Continued

Blast Off with Roceteer

Roceteer Inc. is a company founded by Mark Rowland to provide support to entrepreneurial ecosystems. The company launched in Las Vegas to provide support to all the companies that are in the Downtown Project ecosystem and will have up to 8 full-time ground team members and then up to 2,000 cloud team members all over … Continued