Moveline featured in Washington DC’s In The Capital

Molly Greenberg wrote about downtown Las Vegas company Moveline in an In The Capital feature titled, “How One Startup is Trying to Make Moving Suck Less, and Succeeding.” 

People move all the time and it’s not like they’re moving every week, but over the course of a few years they’ll use us,” CEO of Moveline Frederick Cook explained to Greenberg in the recent In The Capital feature.

With Moveline, all you have to do is download the app, take a video of everything you’re moving, and then it will provide you with competing quotes from the more than 200 moving companies in its network,” Greenberg writes. “Moveline offers you the ability to change what inventory you’re planning on moving, too, so that you can choose a plan that’s most affordable.  What’s more, you’re not even in charge of your move. Moveline requires that each customer be paired with a Move Captain whose job it is to work with customers and make their move a success. It’s the Move Captains that are charged with coordinating the logistics and sweating out the details so you never have to be burdened by the stress of a move ever again.

Read the full feature of Moveline here.

About Moveline: Moveline was started in Southwest Virginia as a partnership between Lawrence Transportation Systems (a moving company) and Modea (a digital marketing agency). In the beginning the goal was to build an online marketplace that would allow an elite group of moving companies to exchange household goods shipments. Over the years, we came to recognize that there was a bigger, more interesting opportunity to revolutionize the moving industry by building software products that improve the experience for people who are actually moving. With a strong foundation in place, Fred and Kelly founded Moveline as an independent company at the end of 2011 with a seed-stage investment from Modea and Lawrence.

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