Meet Ticket Cake

Meet Ticket Cake: the newest member of the VegasTech Fund.

I sat down with the Ticket Cake team last week to talk about their move to Las Vegas and the recent investment from VTF and Mr. Dumke.

The company has come a long way since their launch last year at the Sundance Film Festival. Since then they’ve sold tickets to shows by Snoop Dogg, Third Eye Blind, Ali Cambpell from UB40 and more. In fact, they’ve sold nearly $1M in tickets.

“In the past 18 months, we have processed nearly $1M in ticket sales.  The team felt now was the perfect time to partner with the VegasTechFund to accelerate our growth,” says founder and CEO Joe Henriod about the funding announcement. “Our team is thrilled to move our home base from Salt Lake City to join the #VegasTech community in downtown Las Vegas.”

While the company was founded in Utah, their journey to Vegas has been one in the making for a long time…especially considering the inspiration that clubs and event organizers in Utah get from Vegas.

“The venues and event organizers in Utah really look to the clubs in Vegas for inspiration in promotions, advertising, everything” says co-founder Jacqueline Jensen “so moving to Vegas just made sense to us for a lot of reasons. The big clients we have in Utah are actually thrilled that we’re here now because we really have our pulse on the latest and greatest.”

They first visited #VegasTech back in February. “It was an epic trip.” Right then they knew that Vegas was where they needed to be. They even wrote about it on their blog.

But Ticket Cake is more than just a ticket seller. They are a full-on event promotion platform for event organizers… they help with Marketing Consulting, Social Media fulfillment and more. They actually take customer service to a higher level than any of their competitors…that’s why they’re growing so fast.

But just because they’re getting huge investments and growing like crazy, they’re not simply resting on their laurels. They are building some sick, back-end features. Some things they’re working on right now:  Predictive Pricing, Smart Analytics and Sentiment Analysis.

I don’t know what any of those things are, but they sure sound sexy!!!

The future is bright for TC, and any other event organizer that is lucky enough to promote their event via Stay tuned… it’s a good chance that in the not -too-distant future, you’ll be getting your tickets to the must-see event from Jacqueline, Dylan and Joe!

Welcome to Las Vegas, Ticket Cake. We’re excited to have you.

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