Interview with Mike Gardineer: President of TBAN

What is TBAN and why should people be members of it?

TBAN is a group of technologists, tech professionals, business professionals and investors who are dedicated to proactively fostering high-tech growth in Nevada.  We think TBAN is the key trade organization in the SMB market in Nevadans’ effort to diversify our economy.  Business leaders of all industries, anybody in a technology field and, more generally, people who want to know about all the exciting things happening in technology within Nevada, should join our group.  

This will be an exciting year for TBAN and our members.  We are developing some meaningful partnerships with other groups and organizations that will provide members with a much broader look at tech in NV and unify the tech community.  

When and where are the meetings?

We meet the third Wednesday of each month at noon at Cili.  You can see find a calendar of events and register for an event at

How can we all be involved?

TBAN does not have admission criteria- anybody can join.  I have a non-tech background, but I can honestly say that I’ve left every meeting with something I could apply in my own business.  We all know the past few years have been rough for NV.  But, there is an energy in NV right now- we’re optimistic and ready to breakout.  We need people who care about NV, engaged and are ready to work.  I think we have those type of people at TBAN.  Come see what we’re all about.

What is your role in TBAN?

I just became President of TBAN this month, so I’m still learning the role.  But, this year I’ll focus on growing membership and solidifying TBAN’s place in the community.  We want to foster strong relations with the state’s diversifications efforts, #VegasTech, the incubators and the angel groups.

Mike is second from the right.

How can members of the #VegasTech community benefit from membership in TBAN?

I think the #VegasTech community is a perfect fit for TBAN.  First off, TBAN would benefit from the energy of the #VegasTech community.  TBAN will support #VegasTech strongly in 2012, in fact many of our board members are heavily involved with #VegasTech.  I think TBAN can really help with some of the #VegasTech efforts, specifically in unifying the tech community and increasing our reach.


We want to thank Mike Gardineer for his time. You can follow him on Twitter @mikeygardineer.

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