Guest Post: The Difference Between Wired and Wireless Internet

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Even though it was common practice back in the day, it is hardly the norm at home to find a single computer connected to a solitary Internet connection. Waiting in order to connect to the Internet is now almost a thing of the past. But of course, whether you are using a wireless network or wired local area network, having a lot of users on the same Internet line will still put a strain on its speed and everyone’s download time will be affected.

One of the best advantages that local area networks or LANs offer is its capability to transfer files from one computer to another or to external hardware such as printers and scanners. This makes it an even more convenient system to be using at home. But this means that a single computer must be made into a dedicated server as they will need to connect to this one instead of to the router. It is possible to network computers with wires or none at all. So the question is, “Which one is best?”

There are quite a lot of differences when setting up a wireless network and a wired network. The wireless networks are accepted generally as the easiest to set up because it has an instructional setup tool that makes it easy to install. This “network wizard” will guide the person through the process of making their network with their first computer in order to get access; the computer sets up the network essentially. Wireless broadband networks will also need a router to access the Internet.

Hardwired computes do not need a router to access the Internet if there is only one computer at home that needs it. With that said, one computer hardly qualifies as a network as there is only one connected. The point here is that a modem could not be accessed wirelessly, which is why a router is needed for many computers to gain access to the Internet.

Advantages of Wireless Networks

1. Convenient for home use especially for laptop computers.

2. Less cluttered with no wires needed

3. Easy to set up


Advantages of Wired Networks

1. Faster transfer rate

2. The network is more secure from being access by unauthorized people


People who are looking to set up their own home network to make Internet and file sharing possible, it is wise to consider what the needs are: Are the computers mainly desktops or laptops? How many computers will be using the network? Is security important?

It is not worth the effort if you will be setting up a wired network if the computers that you have are mainly laptops and you trust your router’s security. Similarly, it could be quite unworthy to compromise security a wireless network if only two desktop computers will be using it in the same room. Whatever your needs may be, networking makes accommodating multiple users more convenient.


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Peter is a writer on technology and spends most of his time researching about the latest information regarding internet service providers at Peter is updated with the latest details when it comes to high speed internet.


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4 responses to “Guest Post: The Difference Between Wired and Wireless Internet

  1. Well, both type of internet works properly as requirements of the user. The user who use smartphone or laptop always prefer wireless internet and those who uses desktop or tower PC always prefer cable internet.

  2. Wired or wireless both types have their own benefits depending on the needs of the users which varies person to person. When multiple users need internet in a home on different devices from desktop, laptop, mobile, smart devices and gadgets then they cn get maximum benefit with wireless connection and when it comes to more of security and very high speed for business needs then wired connection is best. With broadband connections too you can get wifi with a device.

  3. It seems like wireless is just the way to go. I love the fact that it’s so easy, and it’s convenient to use all for different devices. From what I’ve seen, everything is trying to go wireless!

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