Find out why everyone is buzzing over Zirtual

Not enough hours in the day? Zirtual to the rescue!

Zirtual provides dedicated, virtual executive assistants (dubbed “Zirtual Assistants” or “ZAs”) to busy professionals and entrepreneurs – for less than a car payment. In January 2014, the company came out of its invite-only beta  and is available to the public.

During the three years of being invite-only, Zirtual Assistants fulfilled more than half a millions tasks for clients ranging from Fortune 500 executives to busy parents all over the world.

We want to change the way the world works, not just for our clients, but for our assistants too. By expanding our service to accommodate more clients, we are creating a new job market for people to be able to work virtually, while helping everyone from entrepreneurs to busy moms to be more productive,” Zirtual’s CEO, Maren Kate Donovan said.

We make people’s lives easier. We give you a dedicated assistant who helps you do everything from business to personal tasks,” Maren Kate Donovan told the Downtown Podcast just after the company received funding from the VegasTechFund in January 2013. She then listed off the tasks she had given her ZA in the previous 24 hours, which included checking in for her flight, finding contact info for a vendor, and researching the best IKEA alternatives in Las Vegas.

Maren Kate Donovan and her team are powerhouses doing amazing things in the startup space.

The 28-year-old Donovan, who last year was named to Fortune’s 40 Under 40: Ones to Watch list, is proving herself worthy of the title this year,” Teresa Novellino recently wrote for this Upstart Business Journal piece on the company. “Her company, which deploys 300-plus virtual assistants, now has offices in Las Vegas and San Francisco, with a staff of 30.

Naturally, Donovan has amazing tips to get a handle on the time-sucking, productivity-killing tasks you should always hand off to others. Bill Murphy Jr.  reached out to Maren Kate and her team for his piece in INC called “9 Things Really Productive People Refuse to Do,” which include things like buying products online, staying in touch with family and friends and managing your calendar.


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