Cleantech Group Interviews CEO of Local Motion

In the lead up to the Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2014, Cleantech Group spoke with leaders across the resource innovation space to discuss the changes decentralization is causing across different markets, end-users, enterprises, technologies, and business models.

The Cleantech Group team spoke to John Stanfield, CEO of VegasTechFund portfolio company Local Motion. Google chose Local Motion to help build a more collaborative and dynamic campus. Local Motion’s technology guarantees Googlers instant access to mobility while reducing the cost and hassle of fleet management.

In addition, The Downtown Project is working with the Local Motion team to design one of the most advanced multi-modal car-sharing program in the nation.  Local Motion was chosen to lead all transportation technology developments for Downtown Las Vegas.

In this interview, John Stanfield discusses the big problem Local Motion is solving, how the company started, what it’s like being CEO, and challenges the company faces.


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