Meet Urbane: Understand a New City with Urbane

Back in March 2013, an urban planner, a food critic, and a real estate broker got together in San Francisco to create Urbane. “We have combined our different interests and expertise for one unified purpose: to create maps that characterize physical places by social connotations,” says CEO Kevin Chung. Kevin Chung is a graduate in City … Continued Calendar — Powered by Tabeso

When a group of #VegasTech community members gathered to revitalize, one of the most important aspects of the project was having a comprehensive calendar for all of the awesome events happening in the Las Vegas tech community. From conferences on The Strip and networking luncheons, to community speaker series events and developer meet-up groups, … Continued

Meet Switch SUPERNAP: The World’s Data Center Leader

Switch SUPERNAP is the world’s leader in data center ecosystem design, development and mission critical operations, providing unrivaled independent solutions for colocation, connectivity, cloud and collaboration ecosystems. “Switch SUPERNAP represents innovation, security and reliability for more than 1,000 global clients from sophisticated startups to Fortune 100 powerhouses,” says Adam Kramer, VP of Innevation. “Rob Roy, … Continued

Meet Charitweet: Donate with a Tweet

The team at Charitweet believes charity fundraising is broken. “We are seeking to fix fundraising’s main maladies. Donating is often inconvenient and time consuming. Non-profit advertising creates a disconnect between the call to action and performing the action,” explains Julia Moran, PR and Social Media Consultant for Charitweet. “Traditional fundraising methods, such as telemarketing, sidewalk solicitors, and … Continued