Meet InfoSiftr: Containers Systems for Cloud Environments

InfoSiftr is a specialized developer, integration, and training provider of virtual container systems for cloud environments. Their end-to-end, scalable technology solutions allow organizations to meet short-term needs while supporting future growth, and helping them to reach their long-term goals. “We help large clients take advantage of container solutions in their backend systems, specifically using Docker container … Continued

Meet Fandeavor: The Gameday Experience Company

VegasTechFund-backed Fandeavor uncovers the best things to do before, during or after a game or sporting event. The startup finds curated sports travel packages, exclusive VIP experiences, tickets to games and even expert tips on how to make a fan’s gameday more enjoyable. From pre-packaged experiences to the ability to work with one of the company’s gameday experts to create … Continued

Meet GINX: Connecting Around Hashtags

Ginx created a fun new way to be visually social with communities of people who share your interest in a #hashtag and the photos you post around it. Originally from Houston, TX, Vegas-based founder Gerome Sapp was a finance major at The University of Notre Dame and was also an All-American and captain of the football team. “I … Continued

Meet PetChow: Tackling Everyday Problems for Pet Owners

PetChow, a sub-division of Und3rdog Studios, aims to create products that solve or simplify everyday problems for pet owners. The team is combining both hardware and software products for pets and their owners. They aim to create a platform for a secure, interactive, and healthy lifestyle for owners and pets, all from a mobile app. They hope to push the limits of technology to … Continued

Meet BannerView: Launch of BannerOS

Las Vegas-based company has been changing the way businesses get online by building websites for them at do-it-yourself prices. Business owners can get a customized website powered by the team’s new offering called BannerOS. BannerOS is software that was created to help companies turn their website into a business tool in as little as 72 hours. “ was … Continued

Meet TuneGO: Helping Musicians Cut Through the Noise

TuneGO, a music discovery platform based in Las Vegas, has raised $1.2 million and is planning the official launch of its platform for later this quarter. The platform helps elevate new artists and their music. Today, there are countless ways for artists to get their music to the masses such as YouTube, MySpace, and Vimeo, but the … Continued

Meet LaunchKey: Next Generation Authentication and Authorization

LaunchKey, a Las Vegas-based startup, is evolving user authentication and killing passwords with physical user authentication through your smartphone. The company is the first decentralized auth platform for the post-password era and the Internet of Things (IoT) that turns the mobile devices customers, end users, and employees already own into flexible smart keys capable of strong multi-factor … Continued

Meet Discotech: Bringing Transparency and Efficiency to Nightlife

Discotech’s mission is to bring transparency and efficiency to the grossly outdated nightlife reservation space. The team is new to the Las Vegas tech community. Discotech is the premier nightlife app for customers to browse events, sign up for guestlists, and book tables at their favorite clubs. Discotech’s goal is to streamline the nightlife experience and create a … Continued

Meet TechBrainiacs: Making CS Exciting and Accessible for Students

Jeremy Bruner, founder and head educator at TechBrainiacs, is on a mission to make computer science exciting and accessible for as many young learners as possible. “We seek to inspire kids to become creators with, and not just consumers of, computers and other technology,” he said. “TechBrainiacs will be over classes in many different areas such as … Continued