Meet DTLV Lunch: NeONBRAND’s Solution to Lunch Choices

DTLV Lunch App

Tired of trying to decide on a place to go to lunch in downtown Las Vegas? The folks at NeONBRAND will help you worry no more. They recently launched DTLV Lunch, an app with a directory of the top restaurants in downtown Las Vegas along with a quick “Choose For Me” button to help make … Continued

Meet ShopWithMe: The World’s First Smart, Interactive Retail Store

VegasTechFund-backed ShopWithMe stores are the first fully portable, pre-fabricated retail environments that blend the best of online and offline shopping to create a truly personalized experience you can’t find anywhere else. Located at 401 N. Michigan Avenue, across from the Tribune building in downtown Chicago, Illinois, top retail executives from across the United States attended the opening … Continued

Meet Drive Safe Mode: Stopping Distracted Drivers

Las Vegas tech startup Text Safe Teens has created an app to help curb distracted teen drivers from utilizing their cellphones while operating an automobile. The app is called Drive Safe Mode to hopefully put an end to drivers being distracted by their cell phones. The application allows users to monitor or control the devices most often … Continued

Meet ThreadLab: Why Las Vegas is a fit

ThreadLab is a convenient and affordable clothing service for busy guys who don’t have the time or interest to shop for new clothes. The team uses data science to find the best fitting brands, sizes and cuts for each customer’s body. Then, they determine the best quality based on the customer’s specific price ranges. Added to the … Continued

Meet Trailermade: Adventuring Awaits

Trailermade has created a new space for those who want to escape the shackles of the everyday humdrum and join the community of adventurers. They are connecting those already in the world of Airstream and adventure with those who are just discovering what is possible. “Trailermade is the fulfillment of desire for freedom and for community,” … Continued

Meet Cab Dash: Live Data for Taxi Cab Drivers

The idea for #VegasTech startup Cab Dash came from co-founders (and brothers) Joseph and Jeff Talamantez. Jeff, a former Las Vegas cab driver, realized as a driver that you can waste a lot of time and money if you make the wrong choices. Cab Dash is the only digital tool intended to maximize the efficiency of cab … Continued

Meet King of 20: Competitive Numbers Game

Teenage board game enthusiast, amateur programmer, entrepreneur, and Las Vegas resident Ismael King will be relaunching an award winning board game as an iOS application on September 3, 2015. This mobile game, called King of 20, is modeled after the physical board game of the same name. It is an challenging tile-placement game that has players … Continued

Meet Sabanetics: Launching Sabanetics Tech Show

Sabanetics is providing the #VegasTech community a glimpse of the future at their upcoming Tech Show happening on September 5-7, 2015 at Alexis Park Resort. Attendees can experience and play with interactive technology such as 3d virtual reality games, battling robots, and more. “Sabanetics is a tech startup that focuses on connecting youth to opportunities within the Tech … Continued

The Innevation Center Highlights 8 Local Companies for Startup Day Across America 2015

Startup Weekend comes to the Innevation center in November 2017

The Innevation Center celebrated Startup Day Across America 2015 by highlighting eight local startups and small businesses. “We’re proud to support the #VegasTech community and give these awesome entrepreneurs the attention they deserve,” the team wrote on their blog. You can see videos the team filmed throughout the day here. Below are the 8 businesses The … Continued

Meet Art Crate: Making Homes Look Awesome

The Vegas-based team at Art Crate brings consumers curated art prints that are hand-selected for your home decor — and starting at only $22. “We make your house look awesome,” said Stewart Christensen, Co-Founder of Art Crate. “If you’ve got style and a certain panache but your home is severely lacking in this department, then you need … Continued