Meet Trustifi, the Las Vegas Startup Changing the Way We Do Mail

send certified email and important documents digitally with trustifi

Do you love going to the post office? Yeah, neither do we. Digital Certified Email is Here Thanks to Trustifi For less than the cost of a latte, you can take advantage of Trustifi ‘s digital certified email services. Their certified email was approved in 2016 by the US Postal Service as an alternative to certified … Continued

My True Auto Rate Gives You a Negotiation Edge

There’s some new tech on the Vegas block, and we got the inside scoop on the new Las Vegas startup My True Auto Rate. My True Auto Rate was founded by auto industry insiders who were fed up with the negotiation process involved in buying a new (or pre-owned) car. Here’s the basic concept: Negotiating … Continued

With Comped Marketing, Uber & Lyft Drivers Get New Revenue Stream

Comped Marketing, a Vegas tech startup

A cool new Las Vegas company is offering an innovative option to expand the revenue stream for Uber and Lyft drivers. Comped Marketing provides drivers with a layered incentive program that has no upfront costs. It also offers tiered rewards based upon customer interaction. Drivers sign up, get the Driver’s App, and their vehicle is fitted with equipment … Continued

#VegasTech Startup Coming Soon: Candidate Crate

Candidate Crate makes job recruiting and searching easier

There’s a new tech startup in town, and VegasTech got a chance to talk to Sare Goitom, COO, and co-founder of Candidate Crate. What Is Candidate Crate? Candidate Crate connects skilled, valuable job candidates with the employers who need them. Rather than sifting through job postings, filling out tons of applications, and hoping that your … Continued

Meet MentalHappy: Sharing Their Startup Accelerator Experience

As part of our Meet #VegasTech Startups series, we talk to MentalHappy, a local Las Vegas startup. The team embodies an optimistic attitude that promotes mental well-being through fun, health, curiosity, and self-reflection. MentalHappy works each day to help people overcome of anxiety, stress, worry, depression, and sadness through practical and fun ways. The MentalHappy team … Continued

Meet PetFlow: Seeking to be a Better Pet Store

PetFlow started with a simple question: What if the internet was used to make pet food delivery easy and affordable? The team spent 6 years, millions of dollars, and lots of work to grow the business to scale and make it profitable. Last year, the team got there. “We started in 2010, just trying to give people an option … Continued

Meet Shirtwascash: Making a Positive Social Impact from Las Vegas

Born on 4chan and Reddit, Las Vegas startup Shirtwascash sells user-submitted T-shirt designs from the internet. All of the team’s products are manufactured in the United States. The team is made up of Ardon Lukasiewicz, an operations manager, two developers, and a family of friends heading up the startup’s manufacturing. “Shirtwascash started from a few online posts two years ago from … Continued

Meet JRNL: Local Startup Sharing Their Accelerator Experience

Las Vegas-based startup JRNL is a product designed to help users capture meaningful content from their life, whether it’s social content, mobile content, blogs, email, text or many other sources. “We want to automate this process because people are busy living life and JRNL will do the work for them,” said Nick Jones, founder of … Continued

Meet Axiom Cyber Solutions: Cybersecurity for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Axiom Startup

Las Vegas-based Axiom Cyber Solutions specializes in managed cybersecurity for small to medium sized businesses. The company co-founders both have extensive diplomatic cyber security experience with agencies like the U.S. State Department, European Union, and the United Nations. Today, the co-founders work to provide cyber security services to companies looking to find and fix gaps in their cyber … Continued

Meet HATech: Bringing DevOps Mastery to Organizations

Las Vegas startup HATech is on a mission to bring DevOps mastery to organizations through education, transformation, re-architecting, tooling, managed services and hard work. “HATech is first and foremost in the business of helping our clients get to market faster with their online service updates,” explained Jon Hathaway, Founder and CEO. “What that leads to of … Continued