Meet Progression Labs: Between Early Idea and Funding

Progression Labs was started in the summer of 2013 as a collaboration between several Venture for America fellows and VegasTechFund. “Both groups are passionate about bringing and supporting entrepreneurial talent Downtown and decided that a residential program was the best way to do that,” said Adam Joseph, Product Manager at Project 100 and Venture for America fellow. “They … Continued

Meet Girls In Tech Las Vegas: Connecting with Girls in Vegas

Girls in Tech (GIT) is a global non-profit organization focused on women’s innovative and entrepreneurial achievements in technology. Created in February 2007, Girls in Tech is an organization founded by Adriana Gascoigne, and was born out of a need to provide a place for women to cultivate ideas around their careers and business concepts involving technology … Continued

Meet Downtown Podcast: Weekly Fun in DTLV

Downtown Podcast is a weekly video production filmed by friends, community members, and visitors to share the stories, ideas, and people that make the Downtown Las Vegas community so special. Started in October 2012, the Downtown Podcast has grown to produce 63 episodes with guests ranging from Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and mega-angel investor Cyan … Continued

Meet Phil Simon: Las Vegas Based Technology Writer

Meet Phil Simon, a speaker and technology expert based out of Las Vegas, NV. He works with companies on how to optimize their use of technology and is an accomplished writer on the subjects of big data, emerging technologies, and the biggest technology platforms in our world today. “I moved to Vegas a little under three … Continued

Meet Sunny Clark: Native Las Vegas Developer

Meet Sunny Clark, a self taught software developer from Las Vegas. He spent 5 years in LA doing software working at companies such as MySpace, Fox, Mitsubishi, and Scion, but is back in Las Vegas today. “MechanicMe is a cloud based invoicing software for auto repair shops and mobile mechanics,” Sunny Clark says. “The goal … Continued

Meet Lance Seidman: Using Technology to Help Those in Need

Meet Lance Seidman, a self-taught programmer and electronics engineer living in Las Vegas. “I originally got into hi-end technology with re-programming the Microsoft Speech SDK for my brother who is Autistic,” said Lance Seidman. He explains that at the time he was learning about re-programming the Microsoft Speech SDK, his brother wasn’t as high functioning as … Continued

Meet Rachel Warbelow: TFA and Coding

Meet Rachel Warbelow, a community member in the Las Vegas tech scene. Rachel Warbelow grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska and went to school at Indiana University, majoring in cello performance and journalism. “I applied to Teach for America my senior year and was placed teaching fourth grade in East Las Vegas,” she said. “My plan … Continued