Meet Docker Las Vegas: Connecting Community Members Using Docker

The Docker Las Vegas meetup group was started in March 2014 to connect developers and ops engineers using Docker. The group meets at The Innevation Center, a 65,000-square-foot collaborative workspace and community event venue driving Nevada’s new innevation economy, donated to the community by Switch Founder and CEO Rob Roy. Docker is an open platform for developers … Continued

Meet Las Vegas Bloggers: Connecting the Vegas Blogger Community

The Las Vegas Bloggers meetup group is where people can go to meet other Las Vegas bloggers and discuss blogging, internet marketing, social media, tips and techniques, ethical practices, SEO, writing and more. The group welcomes bloggers of all levels and blogs of all topics. The group’s meetings are informal and cover different topics. In addition, the group occasionally hosts guest … Continued

Meet Social Media Las Vegas: How to Use Social Media in Business

The Social Media Las Vegas meetup group is a place where attendees can brainstorm with other local business owners large and small on how to best use social media to provide a better bottom line, create jobs, and improve the Las Vegas community. The group meets on the third Thursday of each month during lunchtime at Co-Operate on … Continued

Meet Las Vegas SEO: A Place for SEO Professionals and Beginners

Downtown Las Vegas company NeONBRAND sponsors Las Vegas’ SEO Meetup Group. The meetup has grown to be the place for SEO professionals to network and talk shop. NeONBRAND specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management, Custom Web Design and general brand exposure.  Coming from a “white hat” background, NeONBRAND’s goal is to aim discussions around making … Continued

Meet Keri-Lynn Mitoff: VegasTech Design Contest Winner

The Innevation Center and Work In Progress, sponsors of, announced the #VegasTech Design Contest in March 2015. “The idea was to have the merchandise available to anyone online, such as t-shirts, and that no profit from the sales were added to the price,” said George Moncrief, EIR at VegasTechFund. “We would like to see the … Continued

Meet Sunrise Code Camp: Bringing Tech to East Las Vegas

Sunrise Code Camp was a free, two-day coding workshop for beginners from 10am – 3pm on Saturday, June 14 and Sunday, June 15, 2014 at Eldorado High School in Las Vegas. By the end of the camp, attendees were going to have built their first interactive web application. The only requirement was a desire to … Continued

Meet Zach Ware: SHIFT, Community, and the Future of Transportation

Zach Ware lives and works in Downtown Las Vegas where he focuses on building connected cities, formerly just in Downtown Las Vegas but now the world. “I’m the founder and CEO of Project 100 (newly branded as SHIFT), co-founder of Work In Progress and a general partner at VegasTechFund. I lead Technology & Industrial Investments with Downtown Project and developed the … Continued

Meet Don’t Sweat The Tech: Tech Entertainment Show

There’s a growing media outlet in Las Vegas called Don’t Sweat The Tech Show, which is produced and brought to you by Midlife Media, Inc. The team behind the show is Gabe Shepherd and Mike Cao. Gabe Shepherd, a self-described startup junkie, has a background in business development and marketing. “I love all things tech, hip … Continued