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#VegasTech is here to support the Las Vegas tech community, which is why we love being the hub where businesses, investors, and tech enthusiasts come to keep a finger on the pulse of the Vegas tech scene.

Want to get featured on our blog?

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Who Reads #VegasTech?

We’re more than a website. #VegasTech is a community for all kinds of people who love the tech scene in Las Vegas.

That makes our readership as diverse as our city, which is one of our greatest strengths.

Here’s what our readers have in common:

They want to be the first to know about the coolest, techiest, most important tech innovations and announcements in Vegas.

They’re business owners, marketers, high school students, and people all around the world.

When you submit a story request, please think of our readers first. Our blog’s top priority is giving them something they actually want to read.

What #VegasTech Posts

To get an idea of the kind of content we post on the #VegasTech blog, go read it!

In order of priority, here’s what we write about:

  • Tech events and conferences in Las Vegas
  • Breaking news related to the Vegas tech scene
  • Vegas-based technology startups
  • People who are making a positive impact within the #VegasTech community
  • Other cool things related to #VegasTech

What #VegasTech DOESN’T Post

As much as we’d love to feature everyone who asks us to, there are some things that just aren’t the right fit for #VegasTech and our readers.

Everyone on the #VegasTech team has lots of opinions, and for the sake of harmony and community, we don’t post about any topics that are particularly emotionally charged or controversial.

We value conversation and disagreement – we just don’t do that here.

Our blog readers are important to us, so we’re very careful to keep the #VegasTech blog valuable and relevant.

That means that we rarely post about products or services for sale, because nobody likes spam.

Finally, we’re #VEGAStech.

There are lots of cool things happening in technology all over the world. We’re here to talk about what’s happening in Vegas.

#VegasTech Submission Guidelines

#VegasTech has complete editorial control – even if your submission meets all of these criteria, we may choose to pass due to our post schedule, our editorial focus, or pretty much any other reason.

To get your event featured, please tell us far in advance. Submissions 2 weeks or less before an event may not be featured, even if we’d really have liked to.

If we want to write about your submission, we’ll be in touch. If you don’t hear from us, we’ve passed. It’s nothing personal – we just have more submissions than time.

We want to help you and your company by giving you some extra publicity and backlinks. However, we’re not your press agent, so your promotion and marketing are completely up to you.

Sometimes, we share press releases written by third parties. If you provide a press release or written statement, please be sure that it’s free from errors and ready for sharing.

Posts that are easy to write get done more quickly, so provide as many resources as you have.

After we receive your submission and decide to write about it, we will send 1 follow-up email that requests anything we need from you. Help us help you. If you don’t provide the resources we request in that email, we’ll move on to a submission that’s better prepared. Since getting featured on #VegasTech is free (and our time is rather expensive) we can’t really afford to prep each post with lots of back-and-forth messages.

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