UNLV Students Crush It At CES Win $10k

Vegas Street Lights
Photo by Wesley Tingey.

Students from the UNLV College of Engineering won $10,000 at CES this year by developing software to assist the City of Las Vegas identify streetlight outages. Team Wingin’ It had 24 hours to come up with a solution to a city problem using their own knowledge, public works data from the city, and some new tech from program sponsors.

While a minor annoyance to some, functioning streetlights are vital to reducing crime in residential areas. Public safety is always a primary concern for municipal governments, and streetlights are a large part of it.

Team Wingin’ It is made up of five UNLV students. You can get deeper details about their story HERE.

There’s more to this than just fixing a couple of street lights on 7th so tourists can safely get from the Zip Line to the Container Park. This moves beyond just a nice local story about a couple of smart kids. The rules of the Hackathon stated all code must be open source. This means UNLV students are partnering with cities worldwide with a lingering issue affecting all their citizens.

In another show of awesomeness, the team completed the task in less than half the allotted time. All entrants were given 24hrs to submit a product for consideration. Team Wingin’ It finished in 10. That’s not a typo.

The City of Las Vegas is in the process of implementing the software.

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