SMX 2012

I know that to a lot of the #VegasTech community, Biz Dev (including Marketing) is a four letter word. But if your company is ever going to get major funding (or traction), you’re going to have to suck it up and sell / market your product. Thus, having a solid foundation in Marketing is crucial to the success of your company.

This week we had the Social Media Marketing Expo in town at the Aria. It was seriously an amazing conference with incredible speakers (including Sarah Evans from Tracky & Nate Luman from Zappos). Each session had a ton of actionable data for every aspect of marketing your business via Social Media. What I was planning on doing was just trying to give you a few of the highlights of the sessions I went to each day (they had two sessions going on simultaneously throughout the day), but I decided to one-up that and include ALL the presentations from each speaker for the entire conference. High Five! 

So, take a look at these sessions and the ones you’re interested in, you can download their presentations by clicking on each speaker. Seriously, do yourself a favor and read over these presentations…your business will thank you!!!

SMX Social Media Marketing Day 1 – December 5, 2012

Tactics To Increase Facebook Reach & Engagement

Traffic Boosting Twitter Tactics

Social Sites You Shouldn’t Overlook

Blow Me Away Blogging

Maximizing Your Impact With Twitter Ads

Decoding Facebook Ads: Strategies & Tactics For The New Ad Environment

Customer Acquisition Through Social Media

Customer Service Through Social Media

SMX Social Media Marketing Day 2 – December 6, 2012
Making The Sale Through Social Ecommerce Sites

Measuring Success: From Reach To ROI

SEO For Social Media Managers

Social Media Automation: The Good & Bad

Getting Ahead With Google+

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