Lean/Agile Training Coming to Las Vegas

VegasTech, we’re in for a treat.

The week of June 18th, 3! (well, okay, not 3 factorial) lean/agile classes are coming to Las Vegas at /usr/lib.

On Monday, June 18th, and Tuesday, June 19th, Daniel Vacanti, who spoke about kanban at Vegas Jelly on March 29th, will be giving a full 2-day course entitled “Introduction to Kanban”.

On Wednesday, June 20th, Adam Beck will be giving a one day course on “Scaling Lean and Agile Teams: The Scaled Agile Framework”. This is a great course for teams trying to adopt agile within a medium to large enterprise.

Finally, on Thursday, June 21st, and Friday, June 22nd, Arin Sime will be giving a course on “Acceptance Test Driven Development”. This course is designed to get teams up to speed quickly with hands on activities related to test driven development, a way to build testing and quality into your software right from the beginning.

I’ve previously worked with Adam, Dan got a great reception at the Jelly, and I know Arin a bit as well. All 3 know their stuff, and this is a great opportunity for lean/agile fans in Las Vegas to get in some world-class training without having to leave home. I’m personally attending the first 2 classes and only missing the third due to a previous commitment.

For more information, please check out Lean4ward’s event description. To register, visit lean4ward.eventbrite.com.

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