Last Week’s Jelly

We had some awesome speakers at last week’s Breakout Sessions. Here is a rundown of what they talked about:

Andy WhiteVegasTech Fund

Andy gave an awesome analogy of a boy with a laser. You’ll have to ask him for the full story, but essentially the jist was this: Don’t spend millions of dollars building a laser when all the customer wants is a knife. You can find him on twitter @LeanStarter


Chance BarnettCrowdFunder

Chance spent a ton of time answering all the crowd’s questions about CrowdFunding and the upcoming legislation. He then made the crowd very happy when he announced that CrowdFunder & VegasTechFund were teaming up to give away $500,000. You can find Chance on twitter @ChanceBar and you can find out more about the contest here:¬†


Robert Sweitzer  РPhD

Bob instructed the crowd on “The Three Questions Peter Drucker Would Have Asked You”: Here is the summation of what he talked about:

Steven MasonBrand Mason

And finally, Steve favored us with a great presentation on “Grokking Branding”.


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