Infographic: The Downtown Las Vegas Startup Story

“Not enough people understand how much the Vegas startup ecosystem has grown in the last few years,” said Sara Hill, cofounder of The Mill. “The VegasTechFund wanted a way to show visitors and newcomers the depth of our VegasTech community and the resources available for entrepreneurs and startups.”

“We wanted to create an informative guide to the story of the DTLV startup scene that highlights what is happening here,” she continued. “We have a really interesting, growing startup community and we felt an infographic would be a great way to set the scene for those interested in learning more.”

To get an accurate picture of the startup scene in the #VegasTech community, the VegasTechFund talked to new and long time residents, key players and received insight from entrepreneurs to investors.

“We also wanted to show how Vegas is a great place to start a company and so we included tax and cost of living information,” Sara Hill said.

“We’re aware that there are people in tech and startups across the Vegas Valley,” she continued. “However, we found that the most concentrated location of startups, activities and events was downtown, as well as the fastest growth, so we decided to focus there.”



6 responses to “Infographic: The Downtown Las Vegas Startup Story

    1. Hey Tyler! Thanks for the comment. Since you’re with DevMountain, you might be able to help with that! (: Might be worth chatting with the team at DevPointLabs about their experience with opening a class in the #VegasTech community.

    1. Hey Kara,

      Random chance coming across your comment but I plan on moving to Vegas and came across this infographic. I don’t know who made it but (attn *shameless plug ahead) my company can create similar.

      Question for Jackie: If you were to drop into Las Vegas to get involved in the tech community where is the first place you would go to meet people?

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