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I recently spoke to Jessica Alter at Ever since she was introduced to VegasTech, she has been amazed at how explosive our growth has been and how cool our community is. We have a great opportunity to have Vegas be one of the next cities to have this awesome service. For those of you who haven’t heard of FounderDating, here is a brief explanation of who they are and what they do:


About FounderDating:
FoundreDating is a premier online network for entrepreneurs to connect with cofounders.  We’re pretty different in that we are:

  • High Quality – everyone is screened for quality and readiness. Applications and members’ identities are confidential (many have jobs still) but a few of the folks who are part of the network are founders or early employees from: Stackmob, Snapfish, Zynga, Gilt and Loggly, just to name a few.
  • Balanced – our member base is 50% engineers/50% non-engineers
  • Online Network – members get access to an online network of entrepreneurs looking for co-founders in their city and around the country. Think of us as an invite-only LinkedIn for cofounders. There is also an offline event that kicks off each round of new members
New Cities: While SF, NYC, Seattle, LA, Boston and Austin are already part of the network. We decided to take the question of which other cities to include to the communities themselves. We just launched “Unlock Your City” so that any city/community that submitted at least 50 applications would be on the list to join the FounderDating Network
 – Unlock your City/Entrepreneurship Page to send people to and see standing:
Couple key things to note (that A LOT of people get wrong):
1. We are not “speed dating for cofounders” – we don’t do speed dating, never have, never will.
2. You do NOT need an idea to apply.  Just need to be ready to start something or at least work on a meaningful side-project (20ish hrs/week).
3. This is NOT only for first-time entrepreneurs – a huge % of our members are repeat entrepreneurs
4. FounderDating is a meetup/event – nope, per the above, we’re an online network and as first introduction to your round and the community you’re invited to an initial event but the power is in the network you become a part of.
So, make sure you go to and apply so that Las Vegas is the next city to launch!

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