Downtown Podcast Top 10 Moments of 2013

Want to know what’s happening in Downtown Las Vegas and #VegasTech? Downtown Podcast is a fun and exciting way to find out!

Downtown Podcast is a weekly video production filmed by friends, community members, and visitors to share the stories, ideas and people that make the Downtown Las Vegas community so special.

2013 was a great year for the volunteer team of the Downtown Podcast. Here are their top 10 moments:

#10: Co-host Susan Hinton’s first time on the show (as a guest!) in January

#9: VegasTechFund buddy Amy Jo Martin, CEO of Digital Royalty, showed us an awesome bar trick.

#8: The community joined us for the Harlem Shake!

#7: Our youngest viewer Ethan Duggan talked to us at SxSW about his company!

#6: Scott Stratten (known on the interwebs as @UnMarketing) was one of our favorite guests of the year.

#5: Podcast supporter Krista Whitley-Castellarin brings hip-hop legend Flavor Flav to the podcast!

#4: Penguins join us!!! Plus, Cyan Banister’s interview was awesome!

#3: Dr. Zubin Damania (known as @zdoggmd to us) talks about Don Welch’s health in this hilarious clip!

#2: We go 10 years into the future with VegasTechFund’s Jen McCabe and our volunteer team member turned robot Paweł Szymczykowski.

#1: Dead Tupac Shakur talks about the Kanye West & Tony Hsieh beef.

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