An Interview with Dylan, Ray and Alex from Rumgr.

Dylan, Ray & Alex from Rumgr

Six months ago, Rumgr was nothing more than a thought. Now, fresh off their recent round of funding for over $500k  I “sat down” with the guys from Rumgr to get a little more info about the team, their company and VegasTech.


Who are the team members and what are their roles?

Alex Colman (@alexcoleman) is in charge of all things design at Rumgr. Whether it’s for the app or the website, it’s been touched by Alex. He has a great eye for design as well as UX and front-end development.

From his bio on Alex Coleman is a Rumgr co-founder. He is charged with creative direction and constructing crazy ideas. Alex grew up in Southern California where he studied how intricacies in design can dramatically change the mood of the observer. After completing his training, Alex decided to further his career by focusing in web development. Most recently, Alex worked with the front-end web development team at

Ray Morgan (@raycmorgan) is in charge of all technology at Rumgr. Ray lives to architect amazing technology stacks, and does it very well. Currently programming iOS and NodeJS for Rumgr.

From his bio on Before Rumgr, Ray worked at on the front end development team managing the technical direction of the website. After that he helped start the mobile team where he developed their iPad, iPhone and mobile website.

Dylan Bathurst (@dylanbathurst) does a mix of front-end and back-end programming for Rumgr. Adding new features to the website, and new endpoints to the API.

From his bio on Dylan Bathurst is a front-end web developer turned back-end and API developer. He enjoys working with and learning from other developers while helping to bring tech communities together to collaborate. While working at Dylan helped lead the front-end and back-end search teams to build new features for customers.

All three of us work together to make business decisions and focus on the direction in which Rumgr will go.

Why did you start rumgr?

Rumgr was started out of the need to quickly and easily sell our stuff. Before Rumgr, buying and selling stuff online was pretty difficult. We decided to make it easy using our phones, which had everything we needed already built in.


What piece of advice has helped you guys the most?

Get a startup lawyer. (Seriously, do that…)


How has being involved in VegasTech helped rumgr?

Immensely! Even before Rumgr, just being in this community helped to put the entrepreneurial bug in all three of us. After starting Rumgr, having the support of the community to encourage you, help you test product, share Rumgr on their social networks, and make connections was really helpful.


Where do you think the VegasTech scene is headed?

We think the VegasTech scene is going to head in a direction that scales what we already have. A tight knit community with community values. We’ve had large tech companies in town for a long time already, (Zappos, Switch, Slickdeals, etc.) but with the evolution of downtown and the need for community people and companies are hanging out and working together more and more.


What advice do you have for other startups who are looking to raise capital?

Building a company isn’t about raising capitol. It’s about building a company. Raising money should be a means to an end, not your company’s #1 goal. Build a great product first, and then if you really need money, ask for introductions from people who have been there. Don’t go through a middle man.


We want to thank Dylan, Ray and Alex for their time and wish them much success in the future!

You can download the app on the iTunes App store.

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  1. I’m Alforn founder of the first social website for high school students. I would love to get involved with the vegas tech community and will be showing up Thursday for Jelly”s with my high school son Tim. Its nice to know you guy are here in las vegas. I’m so excited I found out about other like me making things happen.
    My number is 702 540 5252 or [email protected]
    Thanks for your time.

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