Monday’s Events

There are a few #VegasTech events going on Monday evening at The Beat & usr/lib.

  • 5pm @ usr/lib – Graham Hill, founder of TreeHugger and LifeEdited ( has been hanging out downtown off and on for a few weeks. He’s presenting on a topic he’s been thinking about for downtown Las Vegas. Less space, less stuff and energy.
  • 6pm @ usr/lib / The Beat – After Graham’s talk it would be great if you could stick around and meet a tech company that’s considering moving here. Digital Royalty works with Fortune 500 companies on digital and social strategy. They are considering a wild educational idea for downtown Las Vegas and we’d love to see them experiment here. They are a large and well funded company and it would be great if you could spare some time (and ask friends) to come say hi. (
  • 7pm @ The Beat – Skillshare will be sharing some thoughts and meeting the community to consider ways to open the door to accelerating knowledge. (
See you there!

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