Community Dinners in Downtown Las Vegas

If you’ve attended a Community Dinner in downtown Las Vegas, you know how much fun the community has at these weekly events.

Community Dinners are a fun, informal, and welcoming way for the community and visitors to the community to gather during the week and enjoying food and each others company,” said Laura Berk, team member at the VegasTechFund. “They’re hosted weekly by a different organization and different downtown Las Vegas locale and are open to anyone and everyone. Their purpose is to bring people who both know and don’t know each other together.

These dinner were started by one of the first VegasTechFund backed companies called Romotive in 2012, and continued up until their move to San Francisco. Each week on Wednesday nights, the downtown Las Vegas community was invited to one of Romotive’s units in The Ogden to meet, drink, and eat delicious food prepared by the Romotive team.

VegasTechFund picked them back up in early fall 2013,” Laura Berk explained. “We didn’t want to let that beloved tradition die.

Laura Berk says those attending can expect to meet new people, eat good food, and enjoy some lighter moments during what’s probably a crazy-busy week.

Participate by attending the next dinner or sponsoring in the coming weeks!

To host, sponsor, or co-sponsor a dinner, contact Nicole Mastrangelo at [email protected],” Laura Berk says. “She needs to know three things: when you’d like to host, where you’d like to host, and what kind of food you’ll be having.

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