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The Amplify Live Experience promises four days of the best practices from industry leaders on exactly how they have built what they have built and how you can too. Entrepreneurs will discover their mission, message, passion, and purpose – and receive insight on how to monetize. The event is happening July 21 – 24, 2016 at the SLS Resort in Las Vegas.

“Initially I was an successful investor with no online presence and was turned on to the online space in the last three years,” said event organizer Keith Yackey. “This space was a new landscape of opportunity and pitfalls. Having friends like Gary Vaynerchuk, Dan Martel, and Sean Stephenson really gave me a head start on my new online brand and helped me avoid the possible pitfalls.”

“Amplify Live is a super big part of my desire to support other entrepreneurs to grow their real mission and purpose,” he continued. “This is all about empowering them with a powerful tribe of doers and amazing mentors on the stage. A way of lessening the steep learning curve to becoming successful.”

Speakers at the event include:

  • Keith Yackey, Founder of Amplify Live Experience
  • Gary Vaynerchuk, Founder and CEO of
  • Sean Stephenson, Founder and CEO of
  • Wesley Chapman, Founder and CEO of A Human Project
  • Dan Martell, Founder and CEO of
  • Nicholas Kusmich, World’s Leading Facebook Ad Strategist


Yackery will also be interviewing Mariah Coz, Landon Ray, Renee Airya, Jadah Sellner, David Bayer, Jenn Scalia, Lena Requist, Rachel Luna, Pete Vargas, Iman Aghay, Chris Smith, and Yasemin Inal.

“For most entrepreneurs, the day-to-day to-do list is loaded with a thousand distractions,” said Yackery. “Obligations and fear are roadblocks that prevent the pivotal actions from taking center stage. This one event is designed to bust past all of that and put the focus on purpose. In nutshell most people don’t care what we do they want to know how or why we do it. There is a process, a story, a reason why we do what we do and that comes out in how we do it. Unlocking that is the key to success in my opinion. Movements are built around why something is done. So know this is key to any start up tech or otherwise.”

The event registration is capped at 500 people and registration prices ranges from $397 to $997. #VegasTech community members can claim their discounted ticket at $97 here!

“This event is one of those rare opportunities to cut off the never-ending distractions and focus for 4 days to really define your needle-movers and then act on them right there in that room and race forward,” said Yackey. “We all used tech every day and seeing how it all integrates together to help us get our story and our message out to the world is a huge advantage. I live in this community and I want to help as many people in this local area build the life of their dreams as quick as possible. And leveraging the power of the internet is the fastest way that I know of.”


One response to “Amplify Live Experience

  1. Yeeewww!!

    You pump me up Keith!

    I recently heard about you through my friend and fellow stud Nick Kusmich. I had him out to my physicians mastermind in Asheville and that’s where I heard about you!

    I could honestly write a 2000 word paragraph here but I’ll keep it short. I would love to discuss bringing an element of High Performance to your seminar. This would be a catalyst for your audience to learn about high performance hacks that will help them learn better, avoid seminar fatigue, amp up their neurotransmitter response for focus and optimize their overall health. I would essentially be giving away my 25k High Performance programs for free.

    Can you connect for 10 minutes on August 23rd some time?

    Keep ruling at life Keith!

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