3rd Annual TBAN Startup Luncheon

On Wednesday, December 11, 2013, TBAN held the 3rd Annual Startup Luncheon at The inNEVation Center. The event brought over 70 members of the tech community in Las Vegas together.

This year, the panel of startups was diverse and representative of the growing #VegasTech community.

  • Kelly Eidson, Co-Founder, Head of Product and Marketing at Moveline
  • Jennifer Peck, Director of Engagement at Banjo
  • Andrew Citores, Founder and CEO of JusCollege
  • Jennifer Taler, Founder of Stitch Factory

I loved seeing a large crowd!” said Jennifer Peck. Jennifer represented Banjo, a social discovery app for iPhone and Android that lets you view people’s social network profiles based on their location. “And I loved how many people contacted me after it was finished both at the event and afterward through email, text, and LinkedIn. People actually follow up and genuinely want to connect and build a community.

I really love the community. Everyone is so open and willing to help. It’s really nice to see people excited to help people,” added Andrew Citores, CEO of JusCollege. His company provides the easiest way for students to plan, organize and book awesome travel and entertainment experiences.

I want to thank TBAN for inviting me to speak on behalf of the JusCollege team,” said Andrew Citores. “We were very happy to be part of the event and hopefully give a good introspection on some of Las Vegas’ growing start-ups. Each member on the panel had an interesting perspective because our companies were very different yet shared a lot of the same principles and dealt with similar obstacles.

One of the most interesting panel questions came from those in the room who wanted to know what road is ahead for the tech and startup community in Las Vegas.

Vegas needed to start building the infrastructure through education so that one day companies can recruit native talent,” Andrew Citores told the audience. “Kids need to start learning young whether that is web development, management, or entrepreneurship they need the support of their community. I don’t think Vegas does the best job of preparing their youth for the tech or start-up industry.

Jennifer Peck told us her favorite question came from Rick Duggan, former TBAN board member who actually originated the idea of the first Startup Luncheon. Rick asked the panelists, “How do you know you’ll be successful?

My answer was first you need to define what your success is and you need to set the bar high,” said Jennifer Peck. “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.

Lunch was provided by local charity Opportunity Village. The discussion was moderated by Jason Mendenhall, Executive Vice President Cloud at Switch and Jacqueline Jensen, founder of TicketCake.com.

Learn more about what happened at the event! Our friends at VegasStartups.com posted what they thought of the luncheon in their write-up here.

Check out photos from the event on TBAN’s Meetup.com page.

Couldn’t make it to this event? Come to the next TBAN event! Get all the details at TBAN.com.

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