Meet Craig Holden Feinberg: Walls360 Creative Director

As part of our “Meet VegasTech Community Members” series, we meet Craig Holden Feinberg, the latest addition to #VegasTech’s own Walls360. The Las Vegas based team at Walls360 creates on-demand wall graphics for artists, brands, and digital content partners worldwide. They are part of the VTF Capital investment portfolio and have been a tech community pillar … Continued

Business Pitch Competition at the Governor’s Conference on Business

The Governor’s Conference on Business is hosting a statewide business competition that is open to businesses from all industries. The competition give business owners an opportunity to pitch their business, product or service to a panel of judges for a chance to win a prize package that could give a boost to the early stage venture. Participants will also receive feedback and from … Continued

Alexia Vernon’s Female Disruptors

Join Las Vegas leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers for a transformational evening on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 6:00pm at Inspire Theatre in downtown Las Vegas. The event, Alexia Vernon’s Female Disruptors, brings women leading big movements in Las Vegas on stage! “I lead a women’s leadership development program, Influencer Academy, which this fall will go into … Continued

The Innevation Center’s June 2016 CommunityCation Luncheon

Head to The Innevation Center on Friday June 24, 2016 from 11:30am – 1:00pm for the June CommunityCation Luncheon featuring a talk by Danielle Anderson of D.A. Servicing. Anderson will speak about the importance of Social Media in small businesses. “I have attended a few events at The Innevation Center and I love their facility,” said Anderson. “My company held a seminar … Continued

Walls360 Releases an Updated #YesVegas Infographic

Back in August 2014, Vegas-based startup Walls360 released their #YesVegas Infographic. This month, the team released a revamped version of the infographic with stats and figures for today. “The #YesVegas Infographic was inspired by my own experiences, moving to Downtown Las Vegas from Los Angeles. As a graphic designer, I have been incredibly inspired by … Continued

Planet3 Signs Nevada Schools for Pilot

Planet3, an exploration-based learning company, announced it will launch its first pilot program with six school districts in Nevada, as part of its Early Adopter program. Planet3 has also raised additional funds for a total of $13 million to date to advance its digital learning platform. Modeled on the Next Generation Science Standards, Planet3 is a … Continued

Flying Robot Taxi to Launch in Las Vegas

The Ehang 184 was unveiled at CES and could soon be transporting people around the skies of Las Vegas. “EHang Inc., a company headquartered in Guangzhou, China, is developing a drone capable of carrying passengers,” reports the Las Vegas Review Journal. “A passenger would enter a destination into the drone system’s accompanying smartphone app. The Nevada … Continued

Meet Shirtwascash: Making a Positive Social Impact from Las Vegas

Born on 4chan and Reddit, Las Vegas startup Shirtwascash sells user-submitted T-shirt designs from the internet. All of the team’s products are manufactured in the United States. The team is made up of Ardon Lukasiewicz, an operations manager, two developers, and a family of friends heading up the startup’s manufacturing. “Shirtwascash started from a few online posts two years ago from … Continued

University of Phoenix Announces New RedFlint experience center in Las Vegas

University of Phoenix is opening a first-of-its kind innovation center in Las Vegas. Dubbed the RedFlint experience center, the space will provide visitors with an experiential, hands-on learning environment to help them innovate in their companies and in their own careers. The center will provide individuals, startups, and established businesses access to the latest technology … Continued