4 Facts About EVO 2018 You Should Know

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The Evolution Championship Series (EVO) is a major fighting game competition that came to life in 1996 with the original name of Battle By The Bay. The name EVO was adopted in 2002 and the event moved to Vegas in 2005. Here it is 22 years later taking up prime real estate in the Mandalay … Continued

Arcade 1 Up Brings Sexy Back At EVO 2018

The era of the flip phone and MySpace gave birth to our current hyper-connected life. Before all that, spending your last quarter at the local arcade was the only way to avoid chores and homework. Arcade 1 Up brings back that experience at EVO 2018 in Las Vegas and makes it even better with its … Continued

NAB Conference Opens Its Doors To Gaming And Esports

The National Association of Broadcasters convention is coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center in April. It draws massive crowds, nearly 100,000 people attended in 2014, as well as major brands and companies from all over the entertainment and technology industry. This year’s tag line is “Where Content Comes to Life.” This year a new … Continued

Sit With Me To Stand For Women In Tech

The ongoing conversation around women in tech gets loud at times. So loud, in fact, many stories are lost in the noise. On February 28, The Las Vegas Affiliate of the National Center for Women and Information Technology(NCWIT) and Las Vegas Chapter of the Association for Information Technology Professionals(AITP) are coming together to fix that … Continued

Dotware Games Launch Highlights Vegas Tech Growth

Conner Torres and his game development startup Dotware¬†just announced the launch of their new game Ahkenaten: Rule As Pharaoh. Akhenaten is a turn-based game where players control economy, culture, and growth of their population from small grass huts in a village by the Nile to a full-blown metropolis with pyramids, regional trade, and politics. Torres … Continued

EVO 2017 – What I Did At A Video Game Convention

eSports is a growth industry. So much so that Chinese internet giant Tencent plans to invest $14.6 billion into its country’s presence in the next five years. That will no doubt trigger other massive investment from other global entities. For the average human with kids and a mortgage, what is it like at a massive … Continued

Indie Game Spotlight – EVO 2017 Mandalay Bay

Evo 2017 gaming competition expects to draw 20,000 to the Mandalay Bay Events Center. The big names are there. Marvel, Tekken, Street Fighter V, and Injustice will all have their spotlight as professional gamers compete for the grand prize and internet bragging rights. At the less attended and adorned tables, indie game developers sell their … Continued

Oktane 2017 Promises Much For Cloud Developers

The cloud is the new way to work for every business large and small. Making the most of that means having the best information possible. At Oktane 2017 August 28-30, more than 2000 IT professionals plan to come together and make life simpler and more secure for all. Okta is a leading cloud identity and … Continued

Build A Robot And Take Over Summer Camp

The boredom of summer is often solved by chores, swimming, sports, or making robots to take over the world. Code Central is offering kids 7-17 and chance to avoid chores and the sunburns that accompany swimming and sports with Summer Tech Camps. A series of four-day events is occurring throughout the summer. They cover topics … Continued